Programmer Under Oath Admits Computers Rigged the Election?? (VIDEO)

Written on:November 10, 2012
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Was the 2012 Presidential Election Fixed??

Software programmer says US elections are rigged and that US Representatives tried to pay him to rig their election vote counts.

Watch this and you decide….

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  1. Mel says:

    I told my wife as we were watching the results turn in nobama’s favor, that he somehow rigged the election, this just confirms my suspicions!!! Although my theory was that all union members were shown how to get away with voting more than once, and were told to do so.

  2. Protia says:

    I knew this in 2004. Diebold and a sister company were the only two companies supplying computerized voting machines. The owners? Republican political fund risers ….They knowingly use antiquated security programs. Lets hold BOTH parties accountable. Neither seriously bothered to address this….. 8 YEARS LATER??? Another reason I’ve been an independent voter since 1972….

  3. Glen Ward says:

    If our people on the right do not take this all the
    way to the Supreme Court vote them out !!!

  4. kathy says:

    “”Frankly..why am I not surprised!”
    I would not put anything past this man..more so Stalinist..Fascist..regeneration!

  5. Tull says:

    i openly addmit to hating obama no secre t

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