Myth of Substance…An Open Letter to Barack Obama

Written on:September 14, 2012
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Dear President Obama,

It is absolutely amazing how far we a fallen over the last 72 hours. American embassies across the world have come under attack, and as of the writing of this letter 6 Americans have been murdered. Tunisia, Sudan, Lebanon, Yemen, Jordan, London, India, Egypt, Jerusalem are just a few places where the American flag is currently being burned only to be replaced with a Black Flag of Evil; and let us not forget the slaughter in Libya. All of this concealed the fact that the United States Credit rating was downgraded again, 350,000 US citizens dropped out of the work force another 382,000 lost their jobs, Iran has come 72 hours closer to a nuclear weapon and Israel has come 72 hours closer to trying to stop them as you ignore their Prime Minister.

We also discovered that the Marines in Egypt were not permitted to have live ammunition and the Benghazi embassy had no Marines, while your senior Adviser Valerie Jarrett enjoys a full security detail assigned to her and her daughters wedding…I guess Washington DC can be more threatening than the 400 charging fanatics that ripped the Benghazi embassy and 4 US citizens apart.

In 2007 you said, “The day I’m Inaugurated, Muslim Hostility will ease”

Well Mr. Obama I think you were mistaken!

The world is collapsing around you and what is your answer? Doing Letterman, fundraising with Jay Z and campaigning. You deny and deflect what is happening around you and maybe its because you haven’t had an Intel Briefing since Sept 5th, or maybe it is because of your reported superior intellect. I think it’s just plan arrogance and incompetence and I think it’s just that simple.

Your arrogance does not allow you to admit you are failing. It is always someone else’s fault when things are not going your way. You are unable to see that you are just in over your head plain and simple and your enormous sense of self-importance forbids you to seek out the qualified help you need to lead. Instead you go to your “Yes” men who are so far left they can only offer you theoretical solutions to real world problems.

Unfortunately for all of America, your failures are leading us down a path that I fear we may never recover from.

Your celebrity got you elected in 2008, but your celebrity will never save this nation. You see…celebrity is the “myth of substance”, like a good movie actor who can drive your attention into the story so well; you start to believe what you are seeing on the screen to be real. But then the lights go up, the empty popcorn buckets are thrown away and reality comes back to us. The movie is exposed for what it really is…a fantasy.

That is going to be your place in history. A presidency built by Hollywood on a “myth of substance”, and like a good actor you convinced many folks in this country it was real. Well, the lights have come up and we throwing away our popcorn buckets Mr. Obama. Reality has exposed us all to your Presidency…it is just a “myth of substance”.




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  1. Ed Eassey says:

    Dear Mr. Obamah

    It is not your fault that you lie you are only immolating your father Satan. Sadly , you have inherited His loathsome ways and rejoice in Hid Glory and seek Glory for your self.

    You by nature have chosen the way of deception and lies and seek only to destroy the just who have been made just by the Death burial and Resurrection of Jesus the Messiah of the World . YOU are an enemy of this country and the world.

    That you are not a citizen of America is no surprise of anyone who is Christian and American!

    You defane all that is America !

  2. Anna S says:

    I have no doubt in my mind that this election was rigged. It was reported that barry hussein provided Free Pizza to college age youth to get them to register to vote plus barry handed out free cell phones to another group of people in Ohio. This is against the law. However, barry appears to think he is above the law, therefore, he does what he wants weather it is illegal or not!! This man lies everytime he opens his mouth. He does NOT even act presidential a recent example is the way the shameless flirting with the ladies in the East where he is right now. No other president would have done what he did. He is an embarrassment to this country and he is the most corrupt, the biggest racist and the most divisive president in the history of the United States. I would love for the election to be recounted by hand because the voting machines can be programned to make the votes show 51% to 49% in favor of whoever programs the machines… We have becme corrupt and it must stop!!

  3. Tina Evans says:

    I think the saddest part of this debacle following the election is that I just realized America traded her freedom for a cell phone and freebies. Give me a job and let me work for a living and keep your free cell phones and other freebies. It is insulting to realize that almost half our population is on food stamps or some other part of the “freebies” offered by our government. WHY DON’T WE WAKE UP AND IMPEACH OBAMA?

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