Lee Kennedy is an Award Winning author, freelance writer, speaker,and Founder of the Facebook group “Tea Party United” as well as

While studying political science, Lee began interning for the Nevada State Legislature. Lee witnessed first hand the corruption that has been purposely hidden from public view by the same leaders that continually seek our votes and tax dollars. Disillusioned by the level of corruption he witnessed Lee became very outspoken about the conservative message of self-reliance, smaller government, personal responsibility, and lower taxes.

Throughout the 2010 Election, Lee became active in the Conservative Movement and released the Award Winning Book“Faith, Family and Freedom: A Journey of Change” a book that defines how the liberal assault on these three core values have nearly destroyed the structure of our country today.

With his “Proud to Be American” Presentation, the Faith Family and Freedom Blog as well as his Facebook group “Tea Party United” , Lee hopes to bring unity within the conservative party through thought provoking articles and discussion and start to repair the damage that has been done to this country.

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“The majority of this country identifies with the conservative message more than the liberal message and it will be through unity that we will gain strength as a movement and ultimately overcome the liberal message of government control. But we can only win through unity”..You Can Make a Difference!



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  1. George says:

    reading the CONSTITUTION September 15 in NILE

  2. Lee,
    I called you this afternoon about American Citizens for Economic Freedom and our website I hope that you get a chance to check us out and that we can be of benefit to you in some way. Peter Vessnes is our founder, and the authors are just a regular group of people wanting to get the truth out to people.
    Please get in touch if you feel that we can help in some way or share information.
    Jane Lantz

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